Psychological Explanation for SZ

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  • The Socio- Cultural Explanation
    • Suggests the causes of SZ are environmenta
    • Social Causation Hypothesis
      • Suggests that living in poverty causes stress and is a trigger of SZ
        • More likely that maintaining jobs and relationships are difficult if you have SZ, causing unemployment and homlessness
          • Leading to being stressed about a lack of money could trigger a relapse
        • Likely that living in poverty makes it more difficult to manage to symptoms of SZ
        • Supported by the finding that one third of all homeless people in the UK and USA are thought to have a serious mental illness, most commonly SZ.
    • Schizophrenogenic Families (High Expressed Emotions)
      • Families with High EE levels, particularly where mothers are interfering and critical, can be the cause of SZ.
        • Supported by the finding that there are higher relapse rates when SZic adolescents are placed back with families with high EE levels when compared to those who go to a hostel
        • It is more likely that parents find it difficult to not be controlling and critical if your child do not appear to be coping well by themselves
          • Not all children in the 'Schizophrenoenic Families' are SZics, yet they share the same parents
        • Likely that high EE levels are a result of having a SZic in the family, rather than being the cause of SZ
    • Bateson's Double Blind Theory
      • Parents who send mixed messages to their children cause SZ
        • Parents who send mixed messages can be mystifying, placing their children in 'no win' situations which increase the likelihood of the child going on to develop SZ
        • More likely that because SZic's find it difficult to interpret mixed messages, meaning that parents who send mixed messages can make things worse or trigger relapses
          • Parents who were 'mystifying' tended to communicate normally with other offspring who were not SZic
            • Suggesting there may be an issue with direction of causality, does mixed messages cause SZ, or does SZ result in messages being interpreted as mystifying


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