eysencks theory

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  • Psychological Explanations: Eysenck's Theory
    • Two Personality Dimensions
      • Introversion-extraversion
      • Neuroticism-stability
      • Combine to form personality traits
      • Later added psychoticism
    • Extraverts
      • Risk takers
      • Have an underactive nervous system
      • Seek excitement and stimulation
      • Neurotic
        • Nervous, jumpy and over-anxious
        • Behaviour difficult to predict
    • Suggests personality traits are innate an based on the nervous system
    • Criminal Personality
      • Neurotic extravert
      • Score high on the psychoticism scale
        • Cold, emotional and aggressive
    • Criminal behaviour is concerned with immediate gratification
      • Criminals developed immaturely
      • Impatient and can't wait
        • More likely to act antisocially
    • E and N scores
      • Socialisation is designed to make you more socially oriented and less after gratification
      • People with high E and N scores have nervous systems that made is difficult to socialise properly
    • Personality can be measured using the EPI
      • Eysenck Personality Invetory
      • Psychological test which locates respondents on the E and N dimensions


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