Psychological Explanations

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  • Psychological Explanations
    • Family Dysfunction
      • Double Bind theory: When a child receives contradicting messages
        • e.g. if a mother says they love them and then screams at them
      • Expressed Emotion: When parents are overly concerned
        • They wrap them in bubble wrap
        • It is a type of family communication style
    • Cognitive Explanations
      • Delusions
        • Schizophrenic have inadequate thought processes
          • They think everything is about them
            • They jump to conclusions
        • They hear muffled voices and think that it is people criticising them.
      • Hallucinations
        • Schizophrenic focus excessive attention on auditory things around them
        • Aleman (2001) suggests that they find it hard to distinguish between imagery and sensory based perception
          • Most likely think that voices that are in their head are real.


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