Psychological explanation of SZ

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  • Psychological Explanation Of Schizphrenia
    • Family Dysfunction
      • based upon the idea that family dislocation could be a cause of the development of SZ. when relationships and communication in the family is compromised,the family is a key stressor in the environment
        • parents  of SZ show three dysfunctional characteristics1) high levels of interpersonal conflict  2) difficulties of communtcation 3) highly critical and controlling
      • KEY STUDIE:  Bateson (1959) AIM: took the idea of family disagreement to pose the double bind theory to SZ  METHOD: children are placed in a "no win" situation this situation i created when a parent verbally conveys one message but non-verbally conveys the opposite message CONCLUSION: cause children to become confused and uncertain=negative symptoms (lack emotion)
        • KEY STUDY: Brown et al (1996) Aim to investigate the impact of high expressed emotion Method: people who were discharged for SZ
          • EVALUATION  can not determine cause and effect as it is unethical to mailputate human life
          • EVALUTAION could provide support form therapy to help control emotions
          • EVALUATION ethical implications / psychological harm self fulfilling prophecy
    • Behavioural explanations of SZ
      • some explanations of SZ are based on behaviourist and SLT approaches
        • SLT: child obese SZ behaviour form adults image their behaviour and if they see the model get rewarded by being given attention , they will learn through vicarious reinforce meant that this behaviour is good and continue to model it
      • this would assume the SZ is acquired theory learning by association  (classical conditioning)with could then be reinforced
        • Example: person my pay attention to the sound of a word rather than its procedural meaning. = behaviour focused on noises =behaviours could be reinforced by operate conditioning
      • EVALUATION : simplistic at it assumes that children have to have a role model to image to develop the disorder.
        • Also it reductions as it does not take into account the biological explanations of genes
    • Cognitive explanation
      • SZ believe that when they hear voice that someone is trying to talk to them = cogantives believes that this is to be errors in tracing the source of information that they inched and out put
        • are referred to alien control system
        • KEY STUDY : Stirling et al (1998) AIM: investigate the ability of SZ patients in monitoring their out put METHOD: 3 groups used 1 readily distorted SZ 2 non readily distorted 3 control -on SZ Results: SZwith distorted made most incorrect identifications CONCLUSION: SZ with distorted reality are poor monitoring they own out put = SZ may be down to dysfunctional cognative processing
      • Beck and Rector put forward that neurological abnormalities cause cognitive difficulties in attention, communication and dealing with large volume of information
      • SZ is a result of faulty and error in thinking
        • faulty thinking leads to positive symptoms e.g disturbed language


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