psychological effects of ageing.

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  • Social change and their effect.
    • Reduced mobility/ fitness.
      • Inability to move around and continue to carry out physical tasks can result in cognitive decline and reduce well being.
    • Loss of job and status.
      • Retirement may reduce self-esteem because of a feeling of lack of purpose, but increases leisure time and opportunities to try new things, such as travel, enjoy grandchildren and hobbies.
    • Losing own home.
      • Affects contentment and security when forced to move e.g into smaller house, in with family or into residential care.
    • Death of partner/friends
      • Grief can cause a loss of sense safety and security, increased isolation and loss of intimacy.
    • Reduced access to social network.
      • Difficulty in meeting and taking part in social activity can development of the brain, cause or worsen depression and other mental conditions.
    • Loss of independence
      • Reliance on other people increases a feeling of helplessness


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