Psychodynamic Perspective Overview

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  • Psychodynamic Perspective
    • Assumption
      • An individual has 2 mental states
        • Conscious and unconscious
      • Unconscious mind influences beh. (esp. mental disorders)
        • Due to unresolved conflicts resulting in defence mechanisms
          • Repression, Denial, Rationalisation, Projection, Reaction Formation, Intellectualisation, Regression, Displacement, Sublimation
      • Personality is shaped by childhood experiences
    • Studies
      • Freud
        • Little Hans
          • Oedipus complex?
          • Phobia of horses
      • Thigpen and Cleckley
        • Eve White, Eve Black, Jane
    • Strengths
      • Useful
        • Basic psychodynamic ideas are part of everyday vocab.
        • Has had huge effect on psychological thinking
        • Supports many successful therapeutic interventions
    • Weaknesses
      • Very subjective
      • Much based only on ideas
        • Hard to prove/disprove
      • Research base is often small
      • Early theories may not be relevant now


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