Psychological explanations - Psychodynamic

The outline and evaluation to the Psychodynamic explantion to explaining a psychological factor to Schizophrenia 

Includes: ID, ego and superego

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  • Psychodynamic explantion
      • Schizogenic mother - From Reichman (1948) supports the theory
      • ID - The selfish one Ego - The compromise and one in-between      Superego - nice and calm one
      • Theory suggests schizophrenia's caused from bad upbringing
        • Fantasies become confused with reality and the idea that the ego tries but fails to regain control
        • This is seen by Freud as an infantile state
      • Ignores other symptoms and just focuses on delusions and hallucinations
      • Face validity - but then it cannot be proved or falsified because it cannot be tested
        • No proof of ego, ID and superego
        • lacks reliability
      • Studies and theories are all outdated
      • Studies have shown parents of schizophrenic do behave differently
        • Could be either cause or effect but we don't know


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