Psychodynamic Approach

Evaluation of Psychodynamic Approach

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  • Psychodynamic Approach
    • Limitations
      • Abstract Theory
        • No real evidence
        • id, ego, superego cannot be found
        • No proof
      • Non-testable
        • Can't do experiments to prove his theory
        • Freud can twist results of experiments
          • +ve - evidence support
          • Nothing - defense mechanism at work
      • Gender Bias
        • Male-biased theory
        • Not explaining all people's behaviour
    • Research Methods
      • Lab Experiments
        • Issues
          • Low external validity
          • Lacks high mundane reality
          • Freud can twist results of experiments
          • Can't find IV, can't run experiment
      • Case Studies
        • Majority of theory based on middle age men - inaccurate memories
        • Middle age men talk about their childhood
        • Qualitative data, very detailed
        • Can't generalise


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