Psychodynamic approach 

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  • Psychodynamic approach
    • There are five psychosexual stages
      • Oral- (0-1 years old) this is  fixation with the mouth such as sucking and tasting. If stuck in this stage a person will become fixated with the mouth this could be smoking,nail biting etc.
      • Anal (1-3 years old) This is when a child is potty trained. If stuck = OCD, hates mess etc.
      • Phallic (3-6 years old) If stuck then the person wil become fixated with sex.
      • Latency (age 6)
      • Genial (puberty - adulthood) Develop healthy relationship
    • If a child is stuck in a stage then the child will become "fixated"
    • Freud 1905 believed children were born with libido (sexual "pleasure" urges)
    • Our behaviour is driven by our unconscious mind . There are three different area's of the unconscious mind.
      • ID - pleasure (selfish) Too strong
      • Ego - Reality. Too weak.
      • Superego - morality (got from father) Too strong
    • Strength and weaknesses
      • Strengths
        • Treats whole person not just problem.
        • Motivating unconscious has a huge impact.
      • Weaknesses
        • Untitled
        • Hard to prove or experiment on this approach.


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