Psychodynamic approach

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  • Psychodynamic approach
    • Freud believed that mental illnesses were not physical in origin but were the result of unresolved childhood conflicts
    • Id
      • the irrational, primitive part of a personality
      • demands immediate satisfaction and is rule by the pleasure-principle
    • Ego
      • the conscious, rational part of a personality
      • arbitrates between demands of id and superego
    • Superego
      • embodies are conscience and sense of right and wrong
      • develops between ages of 3-6
    • the constant disagreements between the id, ego and superego can lead to a lot anxiety
    • Defence mechanisms
      • Projection
        • blaming someone else for something a child cannot deal with
      • Repression
        • moving unpleasant thoughts into the unconscious
      • Regression
        • behaving like a child (immature) when faced with a difficult situation


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