Psychodynamic model of abnormality

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  • Psychodynamic approach
    • origins (freud)
      • the model is based on Freuds division of the personality into the id, ego and superego
      • It also uses stages of development
        • Genital
        • Anal
        • Latency
        • Oral
        • Phallic
      • The model suggest that conflict that occurs during childhood is repressed as the ego is not mature enough to deal with it.
        • So stress in later life may cause this repressed memory cause damage later in life
      • Psychologicaldisorders may also be cause by fixation at one of the certain development stages
        • Little Hans
    • Treatments
      • Freud introduced psychoanalysis as a treatment in the early 20th century
        • The aim was to bring unconscious repressed memories to the conscious mind so they could be dealt with
      • Hypnosis- this is an altered mental state involving deep relaxation. Freud believed that repressed memories could be accessed when in this state. But it was difficult to hypnotise people and people became very suggestible
      • Free association- The patient is given a cue word and asked to talk about any ideas or memories that first came into their mind.
        • Freud believed this would allow him to access people repressed memories
      • Dream analysis-It was though a certain part of the mind holds the repressed memories in the uncucious and that the memories are more likely to appear in dreams so he asked the patients about strange and reoccurring diseases
        • dreams*
    • Strengths
      • Its a unique model that gives a new perspective
      • It allows conflicts to be properly resolved as the treatments involve the patient uncovering and dealing with the memories themselves
      • First theory to focus on psychological causes
    • weaknesses
      • Hard to prove right or wrong as the treatments are subjective to the patient
      • the process is long and can be expensive
      • the process also brings back memories that were traumatic and so can cause psychological harm when broughtto the from of the mind.


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