AQA Psychology Unit 1 Psychodynamic Approach 2 (research and evaluation)

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  • Psychodynamic 2
    • Research
      • Case studies
        • Little Hans
        • Detailed and qualitative data
          • Hard to infer - subjective
        • *Can't make generalisations
          • Very specific situations
          • Psychodynamics do
            • Is it accurate to do so?
        • Mainly on mental disorders
    • Evaluation
      • Weaknesses
        • Believe adult personality is determined by childhood experiences
          • Deterministic
        • Unscientific
          • Case studies
          • Unconscious hasn't been proved to exist
        • Difficult to generalise findings*
          • Small samples
        • Highly criticised
          • Negative view of human nature
          • Focuses too much on sexual aspects
      • Strengths
        • Highlights importance of childhood experiences
          • Led to investigating children
            • Now have better understanding of children
        • Big impact in psychology
          • Used in modern day to develop therapy for mental health problems
        • Supported with qualitative research eg Little Hans
        • Highlighted that not all mental illnesses had an organic cause
          • Unconscious mental activity can be influenced
          • Behaviour and defence mechanisms are plausible explanations for everyday behaviour


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