psychodynamic Approach

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  • Psychodynamic
    • Assumptions
      • All human behaviour can be explained in terms of inner conflict of the mind.
      • Unconscious mind determines behaviour
      • Personality is divided into 3 parts Id/Ego/Superego
      • We develop through 5 psychosexual stages through birth to adult hood- These stages create adult personality
    • Strengths
      • First theory of child development
      • 1st person to say childhood has an effect on adulthood
        • e.g becoming fixated in the oral stagethrough force feeding/deprivation can lead to an adult who is agressive, smokes, bites nails
      • Huge impact on the world of counselling, psychotherapy and psychiatry
    • Limitations
      • Difficult to test because his theories arent scientific- Non-falsifiable
      • He uses case studie, they are unique one off moments in time so the results cant be generalised or replicated
      • Controversial idea that children are sexual
      • Effectiveness of therapy has been questioned


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