Psychodynamic explanation for offending behaviour

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  • Psycho-dynamic explanations for offending behaviour
    • Superego
      • Deviant; Internalised morals and behaviour from same-sex parent
      • Over-developed; Crime serves as a release for overwhelming feelings of guilt so they are punished
      • Under-developed; ability to feel guilt and a conscience is impaired, Id is dominant
    • Maternal deprivation hypothesis
      • Failure to form a primary attachment  results in hostile view of the world
      • 14/44 were affectionless psychopaths
        • Suggests maternal dep. can explain offending behaviour
    • Evaluation
      • Lack of empirical evidence means unreliable
        • Defence mechanisms from unconscious are untestable
      • Determinstic as not every person with a bad childhood becomes a criminal
      • Supported by Bowlby's 44 thieves study
        • Huge researcher bias
    • Defence mechanisms
      • DisplacementFocussing strong emotion onto a neutral object
      • Sublimination Diluted impulse so is more socially acceptable
      • Rationali-sation Explaining negative behaviour in a rational and acceptable way
        • Acts as justification for the crime


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