Psychodynamic Approach

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  • Psychodynamic Approach
    • Key Assumptions: -Unconsious mind               -Childhood experiences      -Instinctive drives
    • 3 Levels of unconscious: Conscious level                -Precocious level                -Unconscious level
      • Pregnancy study
    • 3 components of personality:   Id, Ego, Superego
      • Id: Develops at birth, Pleasure Principle, Basic selfish desires
      • Ego: Develops at 2 yrs, Reality Principle, Logic and Planning
      • Superego: Develops at 5 yrs, Morality Principle
    • Defence Mechanisms: Repression, Denial, Displacement, Sublimation
    • Psychosexual Stages
      • Oral stage, Mouth, Weaning, Smoking...
      • Anal Stage, Anus, Potty Training, Anal Retentive/Expulsive
      • Phallic Stage, Genitals, Oedipus/Elextra Complex, Gender Identity Problems
      • Latency Stage, Genitals, Sexual impluses and energy redirected
      • Genital Stage, Genitals, Resolve all other conflicts, Sexual perversions


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