Psychodynamic approach

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  • Psycho-dynamic approach
    • Structure of the personality
      • Id; pleasure principle; childish and selfish
      • Ego; reality principle; balances Id and superego
      • Superego; morality principle; acts as a moral conscience
    • Defence mechanisms to reduce anxiety
      • Repression; unpleasant memory pushed into unconscious
      • Denial; refusing to accept the reality of a situation
      • Displacemen strong emotion focused on a neutral person or object
    • Role of the unconscious
      • Conscious; we are fully aware
      • Pre-conscious; accessible with effort
      • Unconscious; accessible with severe help from psychiatrist or never
    • Psychosexual stages
      • Oral (0-18m) Fixation on the mouth
      • Anal (18m-3y Focus goes towards anus, pleasure gained from defecating
      • Phallic (3-6y) Oedipus or Electra
      • Latent (6-11y)      Libido is displaced around body
      • Genital (12+) Focus on genitals
    • Evaluation
      • PA - development of talk therapy
      • Evidence from case studies Unreliable and lacks generalisabilit
      • Too deterministic, ignores free will
      • Unscientific
    • Basic assumptions
      • Behaviour is unconscious
      • Instincts and drives cause our behaviour
      • Early childhood experiences shape adult behaviour


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