Psychodynamic approach

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  • Psychodynamiapproach to gender
    • Freud's theory Unconscious forces affecting gender development
      • Gender identity occurs at 5 (Phallic)
        • Neither masc. of fem. before this stage; both seek pleasure through mouth/anus
      • Understanding of gender changes (3-6); gains pleasure from genitals
        • Become more aware of others' genitals and physical differences between M and F
      • Development depends on parents
    • Oedipus complex Attraction towards mother; fear towards father (castration anxiety)
      • Starts to identify with father; internalising beliefs; becomes superego (male gender identity); displaces attraction to mother onto other women
    • Electra complex Attraction towards father; blame mother for lack of penis (penis envy); jealous and hostile
      • Starts to identify with mother; develops superego (female gender identity); represses desire for penis, substituted for desire for baby
    • Strengths    Little Hans Case study Real life example of oedipus complex
    • Limitations Case study method (can't generalise); Not supported by evidence from non-nuclear families; Unscientific (no hypothesis; retrospective data)


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