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  • Psychoanalytic Theory of Development Freud
    • Dynamic component
      • Psychic energy- bioloically based - operates in a closed system - distribution based on many factors
      • EROS - primary source of energy = life instincts - main focus on sexual
      • Libido - special energy form to maintian development
      • Thanatos - death and aggresion instincts
      • Goal of instincts = reduction of tension - consume less energy as person develops
      • Unconscious controls early behaviour
    • Structural Component
      • ID - present at bith - storehouse for instincts energy invested in reflexes satifying needs
        • Accomplishes tention reduction via pleasure principle (gratification) - thus no constraints
        • Energy uncousious remains active thoughout life
        • can't distinguish real / unreal - uses primary process of thinking
      • EGO- result of interaction with environment- develops because of ID inability to satify all.
        • Can distinguish real / unreal
        • Secondary process thinking allows planned behaviour
        • Allows direct tension reduction by acting with intention - pleasure becomes rational ego - govened by reality principle
        • Energy taken from ID. EGO acts as mediator between ID &  SUPEREGO
      • SUPEREGO - devlops late childhood - inhibits ID from expressing inapropriate impulses
        • Develops as result of conflicting experiences, the psychoc energy is called EGO  ideal
    • Defence Mechanisms
      • Devlop with EGO - moderates discomfort
      • Repression, sublimation, reaction formation, regression, denail, projection
      • Technique used by ego to distort realitiy and prevent disruption of development
    • Sequential component
      • At each stage psychic energy focus on particular erogenous zone
      • Oral - 0-1 stimulation of mouth - Id energy
      • Anal - 1-4 elimination reduces tension - toliet training = conflict in delayed and immediate gratification
      • Phallic 4-6 personality changes, parental complexes produce
      • Oedipus/ Electra - male sexually desitres mother but inferiour to father creating fear - begins development of superego
      • Ectra complex (Female) - inferior for lack of penis - (rejection of mother for lack of sex organs)  realise best gratificationis identification of mother
        • Latency Stage 7- adolescence  - inhibition erogenous zone energy displaced to others
        • Genital Stage 12+ early conflict reviewed - linked to psychic identity, sex role reconsidered - mature personlaity established- hard to change later


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