Psychological therapies:psychoanalysis

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  • Psychoanalysis
    • Repression and the unconscious mind
      • This therapy is based on the idea that individuals are unaware of factors
      • Some factors are thought as unconsciouse
      • The behaviour is a result of a supressed memory
      • During psychoanalysis the therapist aims to trace the trace the unconscious factors
      • The therapist uses different techniques to uncover the repressed material and helps the client deal with it
    • Free association
      • Free association is when the patient expresses thoughts exactly as they occur
      • The procedure is designed to reveal areas of conflict
      • The therapist helps interpret thoughts for the patient who corrects and rejects further thoughts and feelings
    • Therapist Iterpritation
      • The therapist listen as their patients talk
      • The therapist draws conclusions  allowing them to understand the causes of the problem
      • The patient may resist at first but will eventually share more willingly
    • Working through
      • Patients tend to meet with the therapist 4 or 5 times a week
      • The therapist and client will work and go over the same issue until its resolved
      • This allows the patient to understand the influences of the past in their current condition
      • Working through the past allows the patient to gain control over their inner conflicts


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