Psychedelic Era

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  • Psychedelic Era
    • 1960s-1970s
    • Early influences include Art Nouveau, Vienna Secession and Surrealism
      • Abstract, Art Nouveau inspired shapes
    • Later influences include Op Art and Pop Art
      • Bright, intense colour vibration inspired by the pop art movement
    • Wes Wilson
      • Inspired by Art Nouveau
      • Invented and popularised a  font around 1966 that made the letters look like they were moving or melting
    • Victor Moscoso
      • Used the concept of vibrating colours
        • Takes colours from opposite end of the colour wheel which have equal value & intensity
      • Borrowed from comic books, Victorian images, Art Nouveau and Pop Art
    • Bonnie MacLean
      • Used culturally diverse images spanning from Native American totems to Nehru jackets
      • Faces were used repeatedly in her work
      • Created posters and other art for rock and roll concerts
    • Rick Griffin
      • Influenced by Native American culture and the California surf scene
      • Produced psychedelic poster art, album sleeves, and logos


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