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  • PSHEE Working Life Year 9
    • Sectors of the Economy
      • Primary
        • Makes direct use of natural rresources.
        • Jobs- Farmer, miner, fisherman
      • Secondary
        • Industrial sector - manufacture of finished products.
        • builder, factory worker.
      • Tertiarty
        • Production of services.
        • Examples- education, healthcare, banking
    • Enterprise Zones
      • Are designated area across England that provide tax breaks and government support.
      • Are great places to do business especially for new and expanding firms.
    • factors to consider for the location of your business.
      • Busy area
      • Proximity to competitors
      • wealth in the community
      • Easily accessible/ not near to traffic. Close to transport services.
      • Local surroundings near train station.
      • Cheap rent.
    • Channel of Distribuiton
      • A path through which goods and aervices flow in one direction (from vendor to consumer)
      • The payments generated by them flow in the opposite direction (from consumer to vendor).
      • Job production
        • Where items are made individually.
        • Example a person designing a dress.
      • Batch Production
        • Where groups of items are made together.
      • Flow production
        • Where identical items are produced on an assembly line.
        • Example: Cars
    • Types of pay
      • Minimum wage
      • Tips
      • Commission - per item they sell.
      • Bonus - added pay for good work
      • Piecework - per number of items made.
      • Fringe Benefits - company car, gym membership.
    • Training
      • Employees
        • Helps with promotion
        • Upgrade skills
        • Build confidence
        • On the job training is not in depth.
      • Employers
        • Promotes flexibility.
        • Higher standard of work.
        • on the job training is cheap.
        • Outside training can be expensive
        • Can lose working hours.


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