Asian Proxy Wars

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  • Proxy Wars -Asia
    • Korea
      • Worsened superpower relations
        • USSR distrust in UN
      • Divided into North and South in 1948
      • First physical conflict in the cold war
        • New weaponary
          • eg advanced jet aircraft and faster tanks
      • New weaponary
        • eg advanced jet aircraft and faster tanks
      • Peace Treaty signed in 1953
      • Kim II Sung- a soviet trained politician was leader of North Korea
        • Directly asked for Stalin's help in 1949, with the invasion
      • Syngman Rhee an anti-communist was leader of South Korea
      • The In called for immediate withdrawal of N Korean troops from S Korea
        • The USSR were boycotting the UN at the time so had no say in the decision
          • USSR returned to UN and didn't miss any more important votes
    • China
      • 1945 a civil war started between Nationalists and Communists- in China
      • 1950- USSR and China sighned a treaty of Friendship
        • Truman's policy of containment in Asia seemed to have failed
      • The UN refused to recognise the new Chinese leader and instead Chiang Kai-Shek represented China in In meetings
        • Chiang Kai-Shek was exiled to Taiwan along with nationalists who retreated there in 1949
        • This lead to the USSR boycotting the UN
    • Vietnam
      • The Viet Cong a group of communist fighters fought against French rule
        • The USA provided financial aid to help France
        • The Viet Cong used guerrilla tactics that were effective- they included using the US weapons against them
      • The south was supported by USA
      • The North was supported by China and the USSR


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