Provision of food in the UK

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  • Provision of Food in the UK
    • How is demand for food changing in the UK?
      • By 2037 the population in the UK is expected to grow by 73 million. This will increase the future demand for food in the UK.
      • The UK is not self-sufficient for food supplies.
        • The UK imports 40% of total food consumed.
          • With a growing population this percentage is expected to increase.
    • What is the impact of importing food?
      • Food is transported overseas by land, air and sea. Using lorries, planes and boats.
        • Transporting food by air is expensive.
      • Importing food adds to carbon footprint.
        • Carbon footprint - Emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
    • How is the UK responding to the challenges?
      • The UK is dependant on food imports from other countries.
        • The UK has a greater need for food security.
      • There is a grown interest in locally sourced foods.
        • This will reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
      • There are 2 ways of UK farming.
        • Agribusiness - Intensive farming aimed at maximising the amount of food produced.
        • Organic Produce - Produce grown without the use of chemicals.


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