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  • protocols
    • FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
      • You can then give another user access to download the documents that you have shared.
      • FTP is used to transfer large files. It is often used for organising files on a web server for a website.
      • You can have private access to an area on an FTP server where you can upload your files.
    • HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
      • An https address is used for sites holding bank details and secure information.
      • HTTP transfers web pages from web servers to the client.
      • All web page addresses start with http. An https address is a secure web address which has been encrypted.
    • HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure)
      • The protocol used to access a secure Web server.
    • POP (Post Office Protocol) and SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
      • SMTP is used to send the email; POP is used to receive email.
      • Email uses these protocols to communicate with mail servers.
      • Most email clients allow for transfers of up to 10 MB.


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