Proteins (GSCE 9-1)

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  • Proteins
    • Found in: meat, fish, dairy products, nuts, seeds and beans.
    • Reasons for proteins:
      • Growth
        • Childhood - Adulthood
        • Growth in hair, nails and muscle mass
      • Repair
        • Repairing on muscles, tissues and organs after illness/injury
      • Maintenance
        • make enzymes for digestion
        • make antibodies to stop us getting ill
    • Biological values
      • High
        • Contain all of the essential amino acids
        • They're mainly found in animal sources
        • Soya beans and quinoa are plant based protein sources(HBV)
      • Low
        • missing 1/2 essential amino acids
    • made up of amino acids
    • Alternative Proteins
      • Mycoprotein
      • TVP
      • Tofu
      • Soya beans
      • cooked with other food, they can taste nice e.g, in sauces, marinades by absorbing the flavours
    • Excess protein
      • The liver and kidneys help process proteins, too much protein puts a lot of pressure and strain on these organs
    • Deficiency
      • Growth is slowed, especially for children
      • Hair, skin and nails won't grow fast and can get to a poor condtion
      • The immune system wouldn't work properly
      • struggle to digest food
      • diseases like Kwashiorkor and Oedema


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