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  • Proteomics
    • Proteomics - study of proteome and proteins.
      • Proteomics more complex than genomics because the genome is relatively constant whereas the proteins found in one cell type will differ from another cell type.
    • DNA sequencing allows the genome to be analysed.
      • Transcriptome - collection of all RNA molecules produced by a genome.
        • Includes mRNA, tRNA, rRNA.
        • Microarray analysis - analysis of the transcriptome
          • 1. mRNA extracted from cell
            • 2,Reverse Transcriptase enzyme used to convert mRNA into DNA copy - cDNA
              • 3. cDNA labelled with a fluorescent probe,
                • 4.cDNA added to a microarray which contains DNA sequences.
                  • 5. Laser used to identify if cDNA has bound to any complementay DNA fragments.
                    • 6. Allows scientists determine which genes are expressed in different cell types.


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