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  • Proteins
    • Structure
      • Secondary-The amino acids in a polypeptide possess both Amino acid 1
      • Quarternary-A combination of different polypeptide chains and prosthetic groups into a large complex protein molecule
      • Primary-A chain of amino acids is called a polypeptide. This chain forms the primary structure of any protein.
      • Molecular shape
        • Fibrous proteins eg.Collagen-structural functions
        • Globular proteins eg.Enzymes and Haemoglobin-metabolic functions
    • Biuret test-Reliable test for protein that detects peptide links.
      • 2.Add 0.05% copper (II) sulfate solution and mix gently.
        • 3.A purple colour means peptide bond are present and subsequently proteins.If not the solution will remain blue.
        • 1.At room temperature, add sodium hydroxide solution to the sample to be tested in the test tube
    • Bonds
    • Immunity
    • Enzymes-A protein that acts as a catalyst altering the speed of a biochemical reaction
      • Proteases, Lipases, Carbohydrases all partake in chemical digestion.


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