Proteins 1

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  • Proteins
    • Monomers of proteins are amino acids
    • Dipeptide is formed when 2 AA join together
    • Polypeptide is formed when more than 2 AA join together
    • Proteins are made up of one or more polypeptides
    • Structure of an AA
      • Basic monomer units which combine to make up a polymer called a polypeptide
      • Each AA has a central C atom to which the following are attached
        • Amino group NH2
        • Carboxyl group COOH an acidic group which gives the AA the acid part of the name
        • Hydrogen atom H
        • R group - a variety of different chemical groups. Each AA has a different R group
    • Formation of a peptide bond
      • Condensation reactions - removal of water molecule
      • Water is made by combining an OH- from the carboxyl group of one AA with an H from the amino group of another AA
      • 2 C atoms become linked by a new peptide bond between the C atom of one AA and the N atom of the other
      • Peptide bond of a dipeptide can be broken by hydrolysis (addition of water) to give it 2 constituent AAs


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