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  • Proteins
    • Amino acids are basic monomer units which combine to make up a polymer called a polypeptide
    • Functions
      • As enzymes they catalyse reactions
      • As carrier proteins they transport molecules
      • Anitbodies defend against disease
      • Structural proteins collagen
      • Haemoglobin for respiratory
    • Structure
      • Allows it to carry out its function. Each has a different/specific molecular shape which enables the protein to do its job
    • What is an amino acid?
      • Each AA has central C atom to which 4 different chemical groups are attached
        • Hydrogen atom H
        • Variable R group
          • Variety of different chemical groups. This group differs one AA to another
        • Carboxyl group COOH
        • Amino group NH2
    • 8 essential AAs must be obtained from diet. 12 can be synthesised by body
    • Formation of a peptide bond: molecule of water removed


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