Protein synthesis and it's pathway through a cell.

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  • Protein synthesis and it's route through a cell
    • 1. DNA is transcribed to mRNA
      • 2. The mRNA leaves the nucleus through pores in the nuclear envelope.
        • 3. A protein is made by the ribosomes on the outer surface of the rough endoplasmic reticulum. The protein then moves through the rER.
          • 4. Whilst travelling through the rER, the protein assumes a 3D shape.
            • 5. A vesicle containing the protein is pinched off from the rER.
              • 6. The vesicles from the rER fuse to form the flattened sacs which make up the Golgi Body.
                • 7. The Protein is modified in the Golgi Body.
                  • 8. The Protein is pinched off the Golgi Body in a vesicle.
                    • 9. The vesicle fuses with the cell surface membrane and the protein is expelled from the cell.


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