Protein synthesis - basic

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  • Protein synthesis
    • Step 1 - transcription
      • The double helix of DNA for a gene "unzips" so that the template for the new substance can be made.
      • Base pairs are organised into groups of three - Triplets (sometimes called codons)
      • Step 2 - translation
        • The mRNA template passes out of the nucleus through a pore and attaches to a ribosome in the cytoplasm.
        • The ribosome matches mRNA triplet combinations to complimenting transfer tRNA molecules.
        • Each tRNA molecule is attached to an amino acid, of which there are approximately twenty naturally occuring.
          • The order of amino acids depends on the order of base pairs on the mRNA.
            • The ribosome then forms a bond between each amino acid - this structure is called a polypeptide.
              • To complete the process the polypeptide is folded into a precise 3D structure which is known as a protein.


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