Protein Synthesis

Two versions of the path for protein synthesis

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  • Protein Synthesis
    • Path 2
      • 1. mRNA copy of the instructions (gene) for insulin is made in the nucleus
        • 2. mRNA leaves through nucleus through a nuclear pore
          • 3. mRNA attaches to a ribosome, in this case attached to ER ribosome reads the instructions to assemble the protein
            • 4. Protein is pinched off in vesicles and travel towards Golgi apparatus
              • 5. Vesicle fuses with Golgi apparatus
                • 6. Golgi apparatus modifies and packages protein ready for release
                  • 7. Packaged protein is pinched off in vesicles from Golgi apparatus and move towards cell surface membrane
                    • 8. Vesicle fuses with cell surface membrane
                      • 9. Cell surface membrane opens to release protein outside
    • Path 1
      • 1. Instructions to make hormone are in DNA
        • 2. Specific instruction is known as the gene. A gene is on a chromosome
          • 3. Nucleus copies instructions into a molecule called mRNA
            • 4. mRNA leaves nucleus through nuclear pore and attaches to ribosome which is attached to RER
              • 6. Ribosome read instructions and uses codes to assemble the hormone
                • 5. Assembled protein inside RER is pinched off in a vesicle and transported to Golgi apparatus
                  • 7. Golgi apparatus packages the protein and modifies it so it is ready for release
                    • 8. The protein is now packaged into a vesicle and moved to cell surface membrane where it is secreted out


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