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  • Protein
    • What are Proteins?
      • Protein is one of the MACRONUTRIENTS essential for growth and repair.
    • Functions of protein in the diet
      • Growth especially in Children, teenagers and pregnant women.
      • Repair body tissue after illness, accidents, surgery
      • Provide a secondary source of energy.
    • Sources
      • Animals sources: all meats such as poultry, offal, game, fish, cheese, milk, eggs + gelatine
      • Vegetable sources: soya beans, soya products, pulses, beans, cereal grains, cereal products, nuts + quor
    • Amino acids
      • Human body needs all 20 amino acids for the maintenance of health and growth
      • Essential amino acids are: cant be made by the body
    • HBV proteins (high biological value)
      • Eggs
      • Fish
      • Milk
    • LBV proteins (low biological value)
      • Nuts
      • Beans
      • Lentils
    • Food combining
      • Vegetarian, vegan diets rely on combining LBV proteins
        • Examples: beans on toast, dhal and rice, hummus and pitta bread


jill richardson

Basic information about proteins. Can you add to it to provide more detail? Or you could print it off and display it to remind you of key facts.


good revision resources. it is helping me revise better





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