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  • Protein
    • Required for the body growth and repair, and maintenance of body tissue.
    • May also be used as a secondary source of energy.
    • HBV food sources include: Meat, cheese, fish, eggs, milk.
      • HBV : Animal
    • HBV : Animal
    • LBV : Vegetable
      • LBV :Peaas, beans, lentils, cereals, nuts.
    • Protein is made up of amino acids
      • Plant sources do not contain all the essential amino acids and are called Low Biological Value (LBV) proteins.
        • there are two main exceptions to this
          • soya bean is a vegetable source of protein but contains all 10 essential amino acids.
            • Gelatine comes from animals but contains LBV protein.
    • Adults require 8 of these amino acids for growth, repair and maintenance of body tissue.
      • Children require 10.
    • the effect on health if the PROTEIN balance is not right
      • not enough: growth is slowed down
        • not enough: cuts and wounds take longer to heal
          • too much: can be converted to fat and stored in the body leading to obesity if not used up as a secondary form of energy.


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