Proteins part 2

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  • Protein
    • Excess
      • The liver and kidneys help process proteins. Too much protein in the diet puts a lot of pressure on these organs, which can be dangerous.
    • Deficiency
      • Without protein, growth is slowed down, especially in children who are still growing.
      • Because hair, skin and nails don't grow fats, they can get into poor condition.
      • The immune system can't work properly without protein - this means wounds don't heal as quickly and people have a higher risk of catching infections.
      • People struggle to digest food properly, which means some nutrients aren't taken in by the body.
      • Protein deficieny  can also lead to oedema - a build up of fluid in the body tht causes swelling
      • In severe cases, a disease called kwashiorkor can develop. A symptom of the disease is odedema around the stomach, which is why some severly malnourished children have swollen abdomens
    • Alternative Proteins
      • Mycoprotein: Made from mushroom like fungus and egg white.
      • Soya: HBV protein. Eaten whole but must be cooked to remove toxixity. Can be processes to make other alternatives such as tofu and TVP
      • Tofu: Made by curdling soya milk.  Can have different textures depending on its water content.
      • TVP: made from soya beans.


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