Protecting endangered species

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  • Protecting endangered species
    • Stock of seeds of 'traditional' varieties stored in seed banks
    • Establishment of sperm banks
    • Founding of rare breed societies maintain old, less commercial varieties of animals
    • Protection and breeding of endangered species in specialized zoos
    • Reintroduction programmes eg. Red Kite
    • Global organisations mount continuing campaigns to promote public awareness
    • In the UK the countryside commission promotes nature conservation
      • Produces wide range of publications
      • Proposes schemes of management for each of the major ecosystem types
      • Establishes nature reserves managed by wardens
    • Legalision
      • Prevents overgrazing
      • Overfishing
      • Overhunting
      • Collection of bird eggs
      • Picking of wild flowers
      • Prevents plant collecting
    • ecotourism
      • Minimise the negative impacts of tourism
      • Contribute to conservation efforts
      • Employ local people and give money back to the community
      • Educate visitors about the local environment and culture
      • Co-operate with local people to manage natural areas
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