Protecting  a Business Idea buss unit 1

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  • Protecting  a Business Idea
    • Patents
      • Their  are some strict rules that must be applied in order for a Patent to be granted. The Invention must be:
        • NEW
        • be an innovating step
        • To be able to used in the industry
      • A patent allows the owner of the invention to take legal action against any one who mimics the idea or uses it with out their permission
      • Is something that identifies a product to the customer.
      • A Trade mark is a Symbol , logo or name.
      • Registering a trademark gives the business the right to prevent others from using an identical or confusingly similar mark on goods or services.
      • Once granted the protection can last for 10 years.
      • This is mainly used in the media.
      • protects how a original idea expressed in work. the work may be;  Books, Websites, film, musical composition.
      • This sort of protection can last up to 70 years until after the authors death.


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