Prospero: The Tempest

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  • Prospero
    • 'Thou art inclined to sleep'
      • Demonstrates the power that Prospero wields over Miranda, he knows that he cannot stop her from thinking a feeling so instead he uses his magic to control her
    • 'Poor worm thou art infect, this visitation shows it.'
      • Demonstrates a certain level of remorse from Prospero as he feels that, although he must use his daughter for his own political gain, he must also sacrifice the closest person to him.
    • 'Break her virgin knot.'
      • Being a virgin was the main bargaining chip for women in Elizabethan times, Prospero wants to use his daughter's virginity for his advantage in politics.
    • 'Wench'
      • Whilst Prospero can be seen by some as a loving father he shows a level of misogynistic language directed towards her. common for the time period.
    • 'Rapt in secret studies.'
      • Shows the level of concentration that Prospero had in connection to his books. They were the thing that allowed Antonio to usurp him in the first place.
    • 'I forgive thee for thy rankest fault.'
      • This could be seen as sincere forgiveness towards Antonio. However it is much more likely that this is a political power play to get back to Milian so that he can retake it.
    • 'Lie there my art.'
      • His 'Art' is his magic, this could link to the theory of Prospero being Shakespeare. The magic of the stage is an art.
    • 'Thou didst seek to violate the honour of my daughter.'
      • Prospero knows that his daughter can be used as a political pawn for his own gainsbut only is she is a 'maid,' protecting her from being ***** by Caliban has some sort a callous agenda behind it.
    • 'Brave spirt'
      • Demonstrates a level of appreciation for Ariel as he knows that Ariel is a gate way to power, while Ariel is his servant he could potentially overthrow him as he has the magically power to do so
    • 'Mine would sir, if I were human.'
      • Ariel feels sorrow for the antagonists of the play, and reminds Prospero that his power has taken control of his grasp of reality. Prospero's revenge has gone too far.
    • 'Whom to call brother would even infect my mouth.'
      • 'Shows the level of disgust and revenge that Prospero feels toward Antonio.
    • 'My library was dukedom large enough.'
      • Another example of Prospero seeing magic above his political duties. at the end of the paly when he renounces this however, this could suggest that he feels that humanity and normality is more appealing to him.
    • 'He furnished me from mine own library volumes I prized above my dukedom'
      • This again portrays Prospero as a duke who did not command his power in a way that he should. He abandoned his kingdom and allowed his brother to rule. This shows a level of recklessness towards power.
    • 'Come unto these yellow sands...courtsied when you have and kissed.'
      • This is spell that Ariel uses to make sure that Ferdinand falls in love with Miranda. This proves that their meeting was planned by Prospero to allow him to return to Milan even stronger than he was before.


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