The case for the prosecution of a poisoning trial

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  • Prosecution of a step mother
    • 420BC
      • written by Antiphon
    • Kurioi (representing defendant)
      • the son of the 2nd wife who is being accused of murdering her husband
    • prosecutor
      • step son of the defendant
      • first son of the deceased father
        • his mother has died and he has no other relatives
      • very young
      • faced with a difficult decision
        • to seek vengeance for his late father he betrayed his only family (step)
          • either way he was disloyal to his family
          • his allies have become his avengers
        • the legal system was the only person he could talk to
          • he is standing up for the states laws
      • wants the real murder to be punished
        • she acted with her own free will
    • prosecutors story
      • Philoneus used to stay in their spare bedroom when he was in town for business
        • he had a concubine
          • he was planning to get rid of his concubine to a brothel
            • perhaps he was planning to get married
        • he was respectable and honest
      • the defendant heard of how Philoneus was getting rid of his concubine and sent for her
        • she told the concubine that her husband was also treating her badly and that she had a plan that would make Philoneus and her husband love them both again
      • the concubine was keen to take part in the plan
      • Philoneus goes to Piraeus to a religious ceremony to zeus, the father also goes because he was preparing for a voyage to Naxos
        • they take the concubine to help them with the sacrifice and the banquet
      • the stepmother gives the concubine a drug to give to the two men saying it will make them love them
        • after the meal (philoneus was sacrificing to zeus and the husband was dining with a friend before he set off on a voyage) they poured libations
          • the concubine poured the libations and into it she poured the poison
            • ironically she gave Philoneus the most
            • Philoneus dies there and then
            • the husband was seized with an illness and dies three weeks later
    • defendant
      • stepmother of prosecutor, second wife of the deceased man, mother of the Kurioi
    • the concubine
      • the concubine is a slave so has free movement
      • ignorant and naïve
      • she was tortured for what she did. didn't get a trial


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