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  • Proportionalism
    • Between the two approaches of NL and SE
      • Recognises the importance of reflecting on our nature to reveal general moral principles as a foundation for living
      • Natural Law is not absolutely binding
      • Recognises the particular demands of a situation may call for a different moral judgement
      • Draw upon wisdom which is passed down through the NL tradition to act as a guide in moral decision making
    • Ontic evil: an action usually considered immoral which has the purpose of achieving a greater, proportionate good
      • It is impossible to avoid ontic evils but they should be kept to a minimum
    • Benefits
      • Deontological foundation of NL with flexibility of SE
      • Recognises that NL is changable
      • May have support in the teachings of Aquinas
      • Just war tradition reflects proportionalism
      • More practical than the principle of double effect
    • Problems
      • Undermines the authority of the magisterium
      • Collapses into Utilitarianism


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