The Cell Cycle and Mitosis

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  • Prophase
    • Metaphase
      • Anaphase
        • Telophase
          • Cytokinesis
            • Animals
              • Division of the cytoplasm by constriction of the parent cell around the equator
            • Plants
              • The addition of cell wall material (a cell plate) across the equator which forms the new cell wall
          • Chromatids reach the poles and become chromosomes again
          • Chromosomes uncoil and lengthen
          • Fibres break down
          • Nuclear envelope reforms and the nucleolus reappears
        • The centromere separates
        • Fibres shorten
        • Chromatids are pulled to the poles by fibres, centromere first
      • Chromosomes attach to the fibres and align on the equator
    • Interphase
      • The longest phase of the cell cycle
      • DNA and organelles replicate
      • Proteins are synthesised
    • Chromosomes condense
    • At the end, the nuclear envelope disintegrates and the nucleolus disappears
    • Protein microtubules form from each centriole making spindle fibres
    • Centrioles separate
    • Fibres extend from pole to pole and pole to the centromere


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