Properties and Uses of Hardwoods

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  • Properties and Uses of Hardwood.
    • Beech
      • close grained, hard, tough, strong, warps easily
      • Furniture, toys, tool handles
    • Ash
      • Light, creamy brown colour
      • open grained, tough, flexible
      • Sports equipment, wooden ladders, tool handles
    • Oak
      • light brown colour
      • strong, hard, tough, open grained, corrodes steel screws and fittings
      • Interior woodwork, good quality furniture
    • Elm
      • Light to medium brown colour
      • open and sometimes interlocking grain, tough, durable, resists splitting, durable to water
      • Indoor and Outdoor furniture
    • Mahogany
      • Pink to reddish brown colour
      • fairly strong, durable, some interlocking grain
      • Good quality furniture


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