Properties Of Ionic compounds

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  • Properties of Ionic Compounds
    • High melting and boiling points
      • Ionic compounds are solid at room temp
        • Therefore a large amount of energy is needed to break the strong electrostatic forces that hold the oppositely charged ions together in the solid ionic lattic.
    • Solubility
      • The ionic lattice dissolves in water
        • The water molecules break down the lattice surrounding each ion to form a solution
      • E.g. When NaCl is dissolved in water, the giant ionic lattice breaks down
        • Water molecules attract Na+ and Cl- ions, the ionic lattice breaks down as it dissolves. water molecules surround the ions.
          • Na+ attracts (negative -) charges on the O atoms of the water molecules and Cl- attracts (delta+) charges on the H atoms of the water molecules


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