Properties of Pollution

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  • Properties Of Pollution
    • Specificity
      • The effects on different types of organisms
    • Synergy
      • Two pollutants combine to form something worse
    • Bioaccumulate
      • More is absorbed than excreted
    • Solubility
      • Water Soluble
        • Can be transported through water systems
      • Liposoluble
        • Can travel through food chains
    • Mobility
      • A  measure of how easily it is transported in the environment
    • Persistent
      • How long a pollutant takes to breakdown
    • Mutagen
      • A material or form of energy that causes chemical changes to DNA
    • Carcinogen
      • Causes body cells to reproduce uncontrollably
    • Toxic
      • How poisonous a pollutant is, what biological processes it can harm
    • Teratogen
      • Causes non-inherited birth abnormalities


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