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  • Propaganda
    • 1914-1918
      • 1916- CRUCIAL YEAR
        • Before age of 16, GB relied on men VOLUN'NG TO FIGHT
        • After 1916- brought in conscription
          • compulsory  enrol't            of persons    for military or    naval
    • Convince you to do something (think/believe)which may be based on truth or lies
    • Age of men= 18-late 30's
    • why posters?
      • Television not invented
      • Not everyone owned radio
      • posters= most effective way of getting message across
    • Specific type of message pres'n aimed at serving agenda
    • Often connected with neg've emotions
      • During Great War, govern' needed money for war efforts-> focused efforts on posters/   raising money from citizens for war effort
    • Use prop'a:
      • All nations in WW1 used it
        • Used it to justify invol'nt to own populace
          • To recruit men
            • Raise money and resources to sustain military campaign
              • To urge conservation
        • Why?
    • Why did men/ boys volun' to fight?
      • Honour to fight for your country
      • Nationalism/Patriotism
      • Didn't know about conseq'
      • To impress people
        • White feathers- symbol for being coward
          • Women gave men white feather if they didn't fight bc thought they were cowards
      • Peer pressure
      • Prev. wars hadn't lasted that long
      • For adventure
    • Women got equality after war bc able to do men's jobs


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