Promoting Healthy Eating in Schools

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  • Promoting Healthy Eating in Schools
    • Make 'healthy options' of foods students like - e.g. burgers
    • Offer cheaper healthy options at break and lunchtime.
    • Invite speakers in to assembly to talk about healthy eating.
    • Get students involved in choosing 'healthy' dishes for the menu.
    • Reward regular customers with stickers, money-off vouchers, small prizes etc.
    • Follow healthy eating guidelines - eat less fat, sugar, salt. Eat more fibre.
    • Have tasting sessions to encourage students to try new foods.
    • Invite a local chef in to demonstrate healthy appealing dishes.
    • Make good use of colour, flavour, texture to make food look attractive and taste appealing.
    • Include 'Healthy Eating' in the curriculum.
    • Advertise new products around the school - e.g. posters, leaflets.
    • Have daily 'specials'.
    • Keep prices down to encourage take up.
    • Include food from different cultures, for vegetarians and other special dietary needs.
    • Have 'free' fruit included with purchases at break and lunchtimes.
    • Vegetable and fruit pots for sale in vending machines.
    • Develop a school vegetable patch  - encourage 'Grow Your Own'.
    • Teach students that obesity is a term used to describe people who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of over 30.
    • Teach students that obesity increases the risk of other diseases and health problems such as high cholesterol, heart diseases, strokes, Type 2 diabetes, stress, breathing problems,and shorter life expectancy, etc.


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