Prokaryotic Cells

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  • Prokaryotic Cells
    • These are single celled organisms
      • e.g. bacteria like e-coli
      • Prokarytoic cells are less than 2ym and 50x smaller than eukaryotic
    • Slime Capsule
      • Some prokaroytoic cells secrete this
      • It helps to protect the bacteria from attack by the immmune system
    • Plasmid
      • Small loops of DNA that aren't part of the main DNA
    • DNA
      • This floats free in the cytoplasm as prokaryotic cells don't have a nucleus
      • It is one cioled up starnd and attached to histone proteins
    • Flagella
      • This a long hair like structure that rotates to move the cell
    • Cytoplasm
      • This contains ribosomes but and smaller than in eukaryotic cells
    • Cell Surface Membrane
      • Mainly made of lipids and proteins and it controls themovement of substance in and out of the cell
    • Cell Wall
      • supports the cell and prevents it changing shape
      • It's made of a polymer called murein which is a glycoprotein


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