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  • Prohibition
    • Reasons why prohibition was introduced
      • female reformers believe there is a link between alcohol and wife beating and child abuse
      • many people believed that drinking reduced efficiency and output at work
      • religious believers saw it as sinful
      • anti saloon league were very powerful organisation and made prohibition one of the top political issues
      • men were spending a lot of time/money in saloons
      • thought it would support and strengthen the traditional values of the american people
      • patriotism -  beer linked germany
    • Reasons why prohibition failed
      • Speakeasis - by 1930 new york had 30000 speakeasis
      • bootlegging and illegal brewing
      • organised crime (gangsters)
      • it was impossible to enforce - 2500 agents werent enough
      • although deaths from alcoholism fell by 80% by 1921, by 1926 50000 people had died from poisoned alcohol made illegally
      • The St. Vlalentines Day Massacre 1929
      • The Great Depression - government could alcohol and brewing industry could create jobs


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