progress of black americans 1960

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  • progress go black americans after 1960
    • politics
      • 1967-first black person elected as mayor: carl stokes
        • 1968- first black women elected in congress
          • 1989 colin powell became chair of the joint chiefs of staff; most important post of the us army
    • sport
      • 1960s- muhammed ali became three time title of heavyweight champions
        • carl lewis won nine olympic gold medals
          • 1997- tiger woods became first black american to win master golf
    • television
      • 1980s/90s tv starred many black actors such as will smith in the fresh prince of bell air
      • oprah winfrey dominated chat shows and has become a role model for black american women
    • cinema
      • last 30 years major black actors have emerged;samuel jackson, morgan freeman, eddie murphy
        • spike lee became an influential movie director
    • music
      • tamla motown record label launched people such as stevie wonder and the jackson 5
        • michael jacksons thriller became biggest selling album of all time




what is a 'black person'?

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