Production planing

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  • Production flowcharts
    • Planning for manufacture
      • Production planning is required to ensure that:
        • Resources are organised
        • Stages of making are detailed
        • Order of making is logical
        • Quality of made pieces is monitored
        • Work schedules are met
    • System for making
      • To make a product successfully a system is required
      • A system consists of inputs, which are processed into outputs
      • A flowchart is used to show the system in diagram form.
        • Start and finish boxes are recordes in a rounded rectangle
        • The stages of making are shown in rectangular boxes
    • Sub-assembly
      • It is often necessary to attach small components or parts before working on the main garment
      • These stages feed into the final assembly during which the main parts of the product are put together
    • Flowchart feedback loops
      • Flowcharts include quality control check points
      • Quality control checks are when products are checked to assess whether they conform to set standards


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